The core of the Leonora Ensemble is a string quartet with two violins, a viola and cello.


Leonora Ensemble Musicians are some of the finest professional musicians in Sydney. Many of the Ensemble’s members have played in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra. Regular players of the Leonora Ensemble include: Teri Singer, Rosemary Byron and Jelena Cvetkovic on violins; Janet Silverton on Viola; and Michal Wieczorek and Jo Costantino on cellos and Christine Draeger on flute.

An extensive repertoire of music ranging from light classics, to film scores, and more, is offered by Leonora Strings. A specialised Jewish music section is also available. In addition to its excellent performance standard, the Leonora Ensemble prides itself on providing an individualised service that caters to your needs. They have performed at numerous corporate, university graduation ceremonies and community functions. Leonora Strings also plays at many private functions in the form of weddings, barmitzvahs and more. The involvement of the Leonora Ensemble in your next function will make it an event to remember.


Arrival is 20 minutes before performance time

A minimum of 2 by 3 square metres is required as a performance space.

A chair per person, without arms, placed in the area of performance.

Adequate lighting to see the sheet music.

Cover or shade over the instruments.

A “plan B” is required in the event of rain as instruments cannot be used outside in wet weather.

Instruments cannot be used outside in direct sunlight also, therefore shade either from a tree, umbrella, marquee or otherwise is required.

Hiring a trio or duo limits the musical repertoire. So there is a significant difference in the repertoire offered, especially with a duo or solo.



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Ensemble Director & Viola